Sainik School East Siang


Mr Manoj Deka

Mr Manoj Deka is a hardworking and committed teacher who is completely dedicated to his profession. His innovative approach to teaching science kindles a love for the subject in his students. In the spirit of true science he strongly believes in application oriented approach and encourages learning by doing. He enlivens the class by using animated power point presentation and keeps the students in rapt attention by posing creative and though provoking questions. An alumnus of Regional Institute of Education (R.I.E), BBSR NCERT, has enlightened himself to lighted his students. His sincerity and dedication has inspired and motivated all those who come in contact with him. He has also written various articles for many newspapers and also thoroughly involved in various innovative science models.

Mrs Nikita Rai

Mrs Nikita Rai, M.Sc, B.Ed with a blazing academic record joined Sainik School East Siang. Her subject knowledge and passion for teaching already has a strong impact on mathematical inquisitiveness of the Cadets. In course of her work she seizes every opportunity to make the teaching learning process very interesting.

She prepares a relaxed learning atmosphere based on which Cadets turn very attentive and thoughtful, too. Her pleasant and sensitive nature makes her a popular teacher. Her natural caring demeanor for Cadets in her house uplifts the curiosity and a right mindset to win games.

Mr Sujay Banerjee

Mr Sujay Banerjee joined Sainik School East Siang with ample experience of teaching at CBSE schools. With his excellent communication skill, he intellectually inspires each and every Cadet with love of Learning. His adequate subject knowledge amalgamated with necessary pedagogic skills aims at creating very prospective future of every Cadet He imparts quality education with professional excellence and his superintendence to his house keeps Cadets positive and motivated. He also promotes and teaches healthy adjustment with social environment.

Mrs Christina Ering

Mrs Christina Ering in a short period of time has contributed manifold with her rich experience of teaching. She is one of the most dedicated, sincere and responsible teachers this school has ever witnessed. Amongst her peers, she is known for excellent socializing skills, affection towards cadets, passion of her work and good sense of humour. 

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