Sainik School East Siang


Miss Marry Gao

A person with compassion and sympathy best suits to be a Matron and Ms Mary Gao displays these qualities with ease as an inherit part of her nature. She has performed her duties with skilled diligence. She actively takes part in all official and social gatherings and takes on responsibilities willingly. She is one of the strongest pillar and asset to the school.

GSS Krishna

Calm and composed he handles multifarious tasks with aplomb, meeting the demands of various stakeholders is no easy and he is able to do it in an unflustered and diligent way. His in-depth understanding of administrative requirements makes him an asset to the institution. His problem solving and managerial abilities through many a crisis and the appropriate handling of it reflects his maturity. As a senior member of the school office he has contributed immensely to the growth of the school

Mr Bhabesh Deka

“Deka Sir” as he is popularly known truly stands for the 4Es of performance- Effectiveness, Efficiency, Ethics, and Economy. His humane and sympathetic nature helps him deal with those whom he is a responsible for with empathy and firmness. He is able to delegate and extract work providing that “if you command wisely, you will be obeyed cheerfully”. His range of activities doesn’t confine him in the four walls of the office room. He handles multifarious tasks with aplomb, meeting the demands of various stakeholders. His presence is felt at every nook and corner of the school, wherever a need arise- be it power failure, carpentry or water shortage.

Mrs Tulsi Dhar

She is an individual with golden qualities, honesty and integrity. She has been performing her duties exclusively well with hard work and patience. She has handled the accounts section of the school very well & has undertaken a lot of pressure very smoothly & displayed maturity in the time of need.  She is trustworthy and also posses will to learn & improve.

Mr Kumar Bannu

Mr Kumar Bannu is an integral part of the school office and has been with the school since its foundation years. He possess a very simple and assuming nature for he truly believes “it is more important to be a person of value that a mere professional”. A trusted and conscientious person, he has in depth knowledge of all administrative procedures profoundly the master of AISSEE. He maintains official record with meticulous care and diligence. He is very helpful in nature.

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