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The Interest Fairs and Young Explorers’ Fairs are based on the premise that not all Risers love Science but all Risers love something! There are many advantages to these fairs, because in them there are many more options. These fairs encourage Risers to delve deep into concepts that arouse their curiosity. They provide participants an opportunity to investigate their favourite areas and share them with the school community. Every Interest Fair and Young Explorers’ Fair is a learning experience for both the Risers and the teachers involved.


The School hosts a Book Fair every year in which leading publishers take part. Parents and Risers are invited to participate and make use of this excellent opportunity and buy a variety of useful publications. The book fair provides a unique platform for developing good reading habits and raising awareness about the importance of books in our daily lives as a store-house of knowledge.


Science Fairs give Risers an opportunity to individually investigate a scientific problem. Risers complete individual or team projects in which they are required to formulate a question, research a topic, design an experiment, collect and analyze data, and form a conclusion based on their work. These projects help Risers learn the scientific method by actually going through almost the same process that scientists use. Risers also learn how to sequence data into an attractive display and how to make a clear and effective oral presentation of their work. Judged on creative ability, scientific thought, thoroughness and clarity, the top 10 projects are entered for the state level Intel Science Fair competitions.


The annual Sainik School East Siang Art Exhibition showcases the dialectical relation between Risers and their everyday contexts. Risers work in various media like pencil sketch, painting, sculptures with clay and plaster, print making like mono prints, etching and serigraphy, pottery and textile dyeing. The Art exhibition is a testimony to their blossoming imagination as well as a critical and intensely personal record of themselves in relation to the world. In every Risers, it prompts a process of reflection and evaluation; encourages them to challenge their own creative and cultural expectations and boundaries.
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