Sainik School East Siang


Facts about Sainik School East Siang

  1. The youngest Sainik School of East Zone
  2. Only Sainik School in India whose insignia resembles with state emblem
  3. Only Sainik School to have highest scholarship rate to state Risers
  4. Only Sainik School in India which resides in state surrounded by three international boundaries
  5. Only Sainik School in India where Risers are enrolled from the least populated district of India (Dibang)
  6. Only Sainik School to have received best in discipline trophy in first year itself
  7. Only Sainik School of India who’s state name is incepted in its insignia
  8. First Sainik School to have started online admission
  9. Only Sainik School situated on the banks of a river (Sille River)
  10. Only Sainik School where Risers come from the least populated density region with 17 person per km2
  11. Only Sainik School where first batch of appointed teachers are entirely female cadre
  12. Riser Limuk Raksap was adjudged best player U-14 football in his first endeavour in East Zone Sports & Cultural Championship 2019-2020
  13. Only Sainik School of Arunachal Pradesh to be doing community participation
  14. Riser Tar Mwnam & Riser Sapyom Yomcha were awarded certificate of Zonal Excellence in IGKO and NSO examination in school’s maiden participation respectively in the year 2020
  15. Bagged Independence Day parade excellence trophy at Ruksin in first year itself
  16. The only school in Arunachal Pradesh to have been spread across 100 acres
  17. First Sainik School to start online skill courses for Risers including 6th class
  18. First Sainik School to start online guest lectures for Risers
  19. First school of Arunachal Pradesh to start online guest lecture by a Padmashree Awardee
  20. First Sainik School to start online competitions
  21. The only Sainik School to have insignia, mission, motto, credo, codes of conduct & honour code
  22. Only Sainik School, who’s house names are based on the prominent rivers flowing through the Himalayan state
  23. The only Sainik School to publish academic cum social desk calendar
  24. Only Sainik School that celebrates birthday of staff and Risers twice in a month
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