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One of the main objectives of the House System is to foster in the Cadets a sense of collective responsibility and solidarity and at the same time to enkindle and develop the social qualities latent in every Cadets. It is the House System that channelizes discipline in the School and school life, with all its complex curricular and co-curricular activities, and directs the energies and talents of Cadets.

Academic Session : 2021 - 2022

School Cadet Captain
Cadet Wangphu Wangsu

School Cadet Adjutant
Cadet Zingbai Tali

School Sports Captain
Cadet Limuk Raksap

School Mess Captain
Cadet Kunal Kashyap

Name of Respective House Captains

House: Dibang
House Captain:Cadet Gobe Digbak
House Adjutant: Cadet Gyati Sarang
House Motto: Devotion, Dedication & Determination
House Colour: Blue

House: Pare
House Captain: Cadet Jumkir Zirdo
House Adjutant: Cadet Yomrik Nyorak
House Motto: Learning for Life
House Colour: Green

House: Kameng
House Captain: Cadet Tanang Tamut
House Adjutant: Cadet Miken Potom
House Motto: One Team One Mission
House Colour: Yellow

House: Lohit
House Captain: Cadet Tar Mwnam
House Adjutant: Cadet Paken Sora
House Motto: To Inspire & Achieve
House Colour: Orange

House: Subansiri
House Captain: Cadet Bam Nabam
House Adjutant: Cadet Swerlin Tana
House Motto: In pursuit of Excellence
House Colour: Red

House: Tirap
House Captain: Cadet Nangwang T
House Adjutant: Cadet Ute D Ratan
House Motto: Spirit, Team & Dream
House Colour: Light Blue

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