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School Calendar for Academic Session 2021 – 22


1.01 April 2021Commencement of Academic Session
2.03-06 April 2021Adm Day
3.21 April 2021Symposium on ‘Single Use Plastic: Hazards of single use plastic, method to contain their use and social responsibilities.”
4.30 April 2021Inter-House Solo Song Competition.
5.08 May 2021Inter-House Group Dance Competition (Folk/ Patriotic)
6.15 May 2021Inter House Debate and Essay Writing Competition on ways to contain use of single use plastic.
7.17 May - 06 July 2021Summer Break
8.07 July 2021School reopens after Summer Vacation
9.21 June 2021Posters, Banners and Hoardings prepared by Risers about harms of the use of plastic to be displayed in and outside the school campus.
International Yoga Day
10.09 July 2021Spell Bee Competition
11.15 July 2021Inter-House Dorm Cleaning Competition
12.22 July 2021Inter-House Poster Making Competition
13.26 July 2021Kargil Vijay Diwas
14.27 July 2021Cleanliness drives by Staff and Risers in and around the school campus
15.02-07 Aug 2021Ist Periodic Test
16.09 Aug -15 Aug 2021Inter-House Football Championship
17.14 Aug 2021Ist PTM
18.15 Aug 2021Independence Day
19.19 Aug 2021Inter-House Group Dance Competition (Folk/ Patriotic)
20.22 Aug 2021Poem Competition- Recycling towards Green India
21.27 Aug 2021Raising Day
22.05 Sept 2021Teachers’ Day
23.08 Sept 2021International Literacy Day
Inter-House English Essay Competition
24.09 Sept -13 Sept 2021Inter-House Chess Championship
25.14 Sept 2021Hindi Pakhwada - Special Assembly
Inter House Hindi Story Telling Competition
26.16 Sept 2021Inter-House Hindi Essay Writing Competition
27.17 Sept 2021Inter-House Hindi Poem Recitation Competition
28.18 Sept 2021Inter-House Hindi Debate Competition.
29.22 Sept 2021Inter House Kavi Sammelan on Gandhi
30.30 Sept 2021Street plays and story writing competitions on ways to contain use of single use plastic
31.01 Oct 2021Swachh Bharat Abhiyan
Inter-House Competition ‘My House Clean House’
32.02 Oct 2021Special assembly for Gandhi Jayanti and Lecturette on Mahatma Gandhi and Movie Show on Gandhi Ji
33.08 Oct 2021Air Force Day
Discussion about evils of Single use plastic in class room and address by Principal, House Master, Class Teacher in the Morning Assembly
34.11 Oct 2021Inter-House Mathematics Quiz Competition
35.22 - 28 Oct 2021Half Yearly Examination
36.04 Nov - 09 Nov 2021 Inter-House Athletics Championship
37.11 Nov 2021National Education Day
38.13 Nov 2021IInd PTM
39.14 Nov 2021Children’s Day
40.21 Nov 2021Awareness March – No Single Use of Plastic by all Cadets and staff members.
41.01 Dec 2021Panel Discussion ‘Alternate of the Single Use Plastic: Paper or Cloth’
4202 Dec 2021Inter-House Debate Competition – English
43.04 Dec 2021Navy Day
44.04 - 11Dec 2021Inter-House Volleyball Championship
45.15 Dec 2021Inter-House Extempore Competition
46.16 Dec 2021Vijay Diwas
47.20 Dec 2021 - 09 Jan 2022Winter Vacation
48.10 Jan 2022School reopens after Winter Vacation
49.15 Jan 2022Army Day
50.10 Jan 2022Inter-House Quiz Competition
51.16 Jan 2022 - 21 Jan 2022IInd Periodic Test
52.22 Jan 2022Elocution and Poster Making Competition.
53.24 Jan 2022National Girl Child Day
54.26 Jan 2022Republic Day
55.30 Jan 2022Martyrs Day
56.11 Feb 2022IIIrd PTM
57.13-19 Feb 2022Inter-House Badminton Championship
58.20 Feb 2022Statehood Day-Special Assembly
59.22 Feb 2022Plogging Competition – Jogging and Picking Plastic by all Staff and Cadets.
60.28 Feb 2022National Science Day
Annual Science Exhibition
61.14 -21 March 2022Annual Examination
62.25 March 2022Pledge Day – ‘No Single Use Plastic’ and Digital content creation by Risers on the activities organized by school.
63.30 March 2022Result Declaration
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